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Free Project Plans


Below you can search over 60 free project plans for woodturning.  There are lots of things you can make on a lathe, but deciding which one to tackle can be a problem!  Below are a selection of project plans which will hopefully give you inspiration to get onto your lathe and be creative! ;-).  While these plans are provided free of charge, we would appreciate a photo of anything you make from them. Just send it to and include a few details about the wood and finishes used etc.  Also, if you encounter any problems with a plan then tell us and we’ll look into improving it.

Finally, if you are not a member of the GAW then you’re still welcome to use these free project plans for woodturning, but please consider making a small donation to charity. Either the Club’s charity of the year (Cotswold RDA) or another of your choice.

All plans are in either PDF or Word format and are categorised by :

  • type (spindle, bowl, both or non-turning);
  • level (beginner, intermediate or advanced);
  • single or multi-part;
  • details of the creator and date of publication.

If you’re after something specific try typing in the search box 😉

Involute CandlestickInvolute Candlestick from March 24 demoSpindleIntermediateYesRobert TillMarch 20242024
Space RocketSpace RocketSpindleIntermediateYesJohn HawkswellFebruary 20232023
Racing CarRacing CarSpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellNovember 20222022
Table LampWillie WormBothBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellMarch 20222022
Table Lamp Table Lamp BothIntermediateYesJohn HawkswellJanuary 20222022
Mushroom box Mushroom box SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellOctober 20212021
Homemade off centre screw chuck Homemade off centre screw chuck SpindleBeginnerNoJohn WarnerMarch 20212021
Pillar Clock Pillar Clock BothIntermediateYesJohn HawkswellMarch 20212021
Golden Caliper Golden Caliper Non turningBeginnerNoKeith FentonJanuary 20212021
Christmas Carousel (Picture) Christmas Carousel (Picture) BothAdvancedYesColwin WayNovember 20202020
Christmas Carousel plans ? part 1 Christmas Carousel plans ? part 1 BothAdvancedYesColwin WayNovember 20202020
Christmas Carousel plans ? part 2 Christmas Carousel plans ? part 2 BothAdvancedYesColwin WayNovember 20202020
Christmas Carousel plans ? part 3 Christmas Carousel plans ? part 3 BothAdvancedYesColwin WayNovember 20202020
Christmas Carousel plans ? part 4 Christmas Carousel plans ? part 4 BothAdvancedYesColwin WayNovember 20202020
Cup Urn Cup Urn SpindleIntermediateYesJohn HawkswellNovember 20202020
Bird Nesting box Bird Nesting box SpindleIntermediateYesJohn HawkswellMay 20202020
Easy to make Centre finder Easy to make Centre finder Non turningBeginnerNoJohn WarnerMay 20202020
Decorated Table Light Decorated Table Light SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellJanuary 20202020
Axminster Colouring Process - how to do it Axminster Colouring Process - how to do it Non turningBeginnerNoKeith FentonFebruary 20202020
Toy car Toy car SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellFebruary 20202020
Ron The Ram Ron The Ram SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellFebruary 20222022
Kaleidoscope kit assembly instructions Kaleidoscope kit assembly instructions Non turningBeginnerNoAxminsterAugust 20202020
Textured box based on Steve Heeley demo Textured box based on Steve Heeley demo SpindleIntermediateYesJohn HawkswellApril 20202020
Marble run Marble run BowlBeginnerNoAnonOctober 20192019
Multi Axis Candlestick Multi Axis Candlestick BothIntermediateYesRick DobneyOctober 20192019
Box project Box project SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellNovember 20192019
Bird House Bird House BothBeginnerYesRobert TillMay 20192019
Hedgehog pine cone Hedgehog pine cone SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellJune 20192019
Hinged box Hinged box BowlBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellJune 20192019
Candlestick Folk Candlestick Folk SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellJuly 20192019
Duck - Jemima Puddleduck Duck - Jemima Puddleduck SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellAugust 20192019
Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellSeptember 20182018
Percy the Pig Percy the Pig SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellFebruary 20222022
Mushroom Mushroom SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellMay 20182018
Egg Project Egg Project SpindleBeginnerNoDave ApplebyMarch 20182018
Christmas angel Christmas angel SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellDecember 20182018
Pine Christmas tree Pine Christmas tree SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellSeptember 20172017
Platter Platter BowlBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellNovember 20172017
Miniature Nest Box Miniature Nest Box SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellMay 20172017
Classic goblet Classic goblet SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellJanuary 20172017
Segmented pen blank Segmented pen blank SpindleIntermediateYesFrans BrownJanuary 20172017
Apple Project Apple Project SpindleBeginnerNoDave ApplebyOctober 20162016
Tippe-Top plan Tippe-Top plan BothBeginnerYesAnonOctober 20162016
Bowl Jaw Set Hole Plan (see 043) Bowl Jaw Set Hole Plan (see 043) Non turningBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellAugust 20162016
Bud Vase Bud Vase SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellAugust 20162016
Small Bowl Project Small Bowl Project BowlBeginnerNoAnonAugust 20162016
Egg and egg cup Egg and egg cup SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellSeptember 20152015
Egg and egg cup - Actual size template Egg and egg cup - Actual size template Non turningBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellSeptember 20152015
Spinning top Spinning top SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellMarch 20152015
Classic Light Pull Plan (see 047) Classic Light Pull Plan (see 047) SpindleBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellJuly 20152015
Actual size template for classic light pull (see 046) Actual size template for classic light pull (see 046) Non turningBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellJuly 20152015
Natural Edge Bowl Natural Edge Bowl BowlBeginnerNoJohn HawkswellMay 20142014
Demo Handout - Candle stick Demo Handout - Candle stick BothIntermediateYesBryan MilhamApril 20142014
Garden Dibber Garden Dibber SpindleBeginnerNoAnonMarch 20132013
Chuck and Apple Project Chuck and Apple Project SpindleBeginnerNoDave ApplebyJune 20132013
Tazza Tazza BothBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellJuly 20132013
Platter Platter BowlBeginnerNoColin FulbrookJune 20122012
Vacuum chuck for œ10 or less Vacuum chuck for œ10 or less SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellJuly 20122012
Bowl Jaw Set (see 045) Bowl Jaw Set (see 045) SpindleBeginnerYesJohn HawkswellDecember 20122012
Christmas Tree Ornament Christmas Tree Ornament SpindleBeginnerNoFrans BrownNovember 20112011
Light Pull Light Pull SpindleBeginnerNoFrans BrownNovember 20112011
Honey Dipper Honey Dipper SpindleBeginnerNoFrans BrownNovember 20112011
Honey Pot Honey Pot BowlBeginnerYesFrans BrownNovember 20112011
Platter Platter BowlBeginnerNoFrans BrownNovember 20112011
Paper Knife Paper Knife SpindleBeginnerNoFrans BrownDecember 20112011
Gavel and Anvil Project Gavel and Anvil Project BothIntermediateYesGBDecember 20002000

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