Events Programme


Our 2022 Events Programme may need to vary due to Coronavirus. 

All meetings start at 19:30 and run until approximately 22:00 with a break of about 15 minutes at some convenient point between 20:30 and 20:45.  The hall and Zoom both open from approx 19:00 to allow members to gather and chat to each other.

January 12th – Club show and tell

We had hoped this would be a combined physical and virtual event.  However with the rapidly increasing number of infections this would be unwise and so it will be Zoom only.  Sorry.

February 9th – Keith Fenton

Likely to be a split physical and virtual meeting.  Our club member and prolific woodturner Keith will return with another demonstration of his skills.

March 9th – Mary Ashton RPT


Mary will be making the short journey up the M5 from her Bristol workshop to join us for her first visit the the GAW.  As well as showing us her approach to woodturning, she will hopefully also tell us a bit about the Max Carey Woodturning Trust of which she is a trustee.

April 12th – AGM – Note this is a Tuesday and we met at Wotton Hall

Chris Witts was the guest speaker, talking about his ‘Life on the River Severn

May 11th – Tony ‘Ash’ Jones (N.B. – A change to the published programme)

Tony is an AWGB approved tutor and will be well known to any members who have attended his courses at the Stanton Guildhouse. He lives and works in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

June 8th & 9th – Martin Saben-Smith RPT

Travelling up from The Woodturning Shop in Alton, where Martin works alongside Les Thorn, we will have the chance meet Martin in person for the first time.  Martin was our first ‘remote’ demonstration during the first Covid lockdown and I’m sure that over the course of the evening and the following day his attention to finishing detail will be even more apparent when we see it up close.

July 13th – Phil Irons RPT

Born in Australia, Phil is an Award winning woodturner best know for his coloured vessels and hollow forms. (

August 10th – Chestnut Products with Terry Smart

Terry will be joining us just after the Chestnut Products ‘Weekender’  (30/31 July at STEAM, Swindon) to tell us about the range of Chestnut products and how to get the best results from using them.  No doubt he will have some available for purchase too 😉 (

September 14th & 15th – Jason Breach RPT

A regular at the GAW, Jason will be returning to show us his latest demonstration on Wednesday evening and then deliver his usual in-depth instruction covering a wide range of woodturning topics at the Thursday all-day masterclass. (

October 12th – Bryan Millham

Bryan has been a woodturner for over 20 years and trained with one of the founder members of the AWGB – Reg Sherwin.  He decided right from the outset that he would be a spindle turner and is primarily a production turner, capable of making the same item many times over, accurately.  Bryan has followed his mentor into the AWGB where he is the regional representative for the South West of England and a Trustee. (

November 9th – Robert Till

Robert first became interested in woodturning at the age of 12 when being taught by his wood shop teacher. It had always been a hobby which he thoroughly enjoyed, and now he is able to do it full time it has become a lifestyle.  He loves every aspect of this wonderful craft from hollow-forms, bowls, spindle turning and production work. (

December 14th – Christmas Social Event

After a couple of years without a social event, hopefully we will be able to gather under the tinsel for an evening of festive fun !

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