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For Sale

If you would like to add an item for sale please read the rules/guidelines first, then email web@gaw.org.uk with full details.

All adverts will be displayed online for 3 months unless we are notified that they have sold.

For all of the items below contact Tim W on 07896 948853

or e-mail ‘claire(dot)happy (at) hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk’.

Items listed 7th September 2023

1. TITAN SG3551 mitre saw

Great condition except blade has a little rust due to non-use but still sharp and works great. £20


Excellent condition. 

Great Sander I bought this but never used it.

Has not been used much at all, just turned on to make sure it works £40

3. Leaf blower/ vacuum (no picture)

Great idea of my wife to see if I can use it for my wood shavings but sadly blew the sawdust out of the collecting bag. £20

4. Oak veneer

Lots and lots of sheets they have been stored in a dry place in the workshop.  £20

5. Reddish coloured wooden veneer

Lots of sheets of Reddish coloured wooden veneer just bought from a member but never used so needs to go  £20

6. Three large document files (no picture)

Filled with woodturning projects tips and techniques taken out of the Woodturning magazine as well as other published woodwork magazines. Free

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