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Membership to the Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners runs from 1st January to 31st December each year, but you can join at any time – the fees will be adjusted accordingly. 

The committee have taken the difficult decision to close the membership as there are currently more people in the club than we could accommodate if everyone turned up for a club night – as it is we are running out of chairs on busy nights. There will now be a waiting list in operation for new members, though there is a reasonable turn over so hopefully any wait won’t be too long. Therefore please contact us and complete an application form and we will let you know when a space becomes available.

Membership fees for 2024

For both existing and new Members the annual fee for 2024 remains at £30

New Members fees

For new members joining throughout the year there is a sliding scale of subscriptions as stated below: 

1st January – 31st December£30.00
1st February – 31st December£27.00
1st March – 31st December£25.00
1st April – 31st December£23.00
1st May – 31st December£20.00
1st June – 31st December£18.00
1st July – 31st December£16.00
1st August – 31st December£13.00
1st September – 31st December£11.00
1st October – 31st December£9.00
1st November – 31st December£7.00
1st December – 31st December£5.00

Student Membership

Full time students qualify for half price of these charges on production of their valid student card.


Visitors are most welcome to come along to see what the club is all about. The visitor fee is £5 per evening which includes free tea/coffee and biscuits at the half time break. We would encourage all visitors to check availability on any particular club night should they wish to attend by contacting Dave Woolley ( Visitors attendance is restricted to 2 events in any calendar year.


Member Application Forms for 2024

Membership renewal form 2024 (requires members only password)

New member application form

Visitor form 2024

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