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I have around 12 carbon steel turning tools, mostly Henry Taylor, for spindle work. I don’t want any money for them but if anyone wants to make a donation to the Club funds in exchange for them then that would be fine by me.
If anyone is interested then I can be contacted on 01684 773629
Thank you
Stay safe.
John Warner 14th August 2020

Keith Fenton, Afternoon All
I hope everyone is well and healthy.
I’m in the process of clearing Pete Hughes workshop and the following items are for sale.
Some items I have at home (Longhope) and some are in Upleadon (Nr Newent), please contact me if you are tempted by anything:


Tormak supergrind 2000 wet stone and strop wheel.
Tormek handbook, SVD186 gouge jig and SVD110 tool rest included £240

Dewalt DCD925 Type 11 18v rechargeable hammer drill, two batteries and a charger £50

Sash clamps 2 @ 6ft, £10 each. 4 @ 3ft £5 each

3 x 150mm G clamps £10 for the 3.

Lignum Vitae Carver mallet £20

8 assorted Forstner bits £20

Moisture meter in case (appears unused) £10

Indexing stay £5

3 pairs dividers/callipers £10 for the 3.

200mm/8″ O’Donnell “pink” grindstone unused £29

(To fit Axminster lathe short tool rest) curved tool rest sold.

Assorted spindle gouges £10 each

Assorted skews £10 each

Assorted gouges £12 each

Cast iron bench punch currently set up to cut out 50mm round sanding discs £20

Perform cut off saw £10

Bambi compressor “silent” running £150

Keith Fenton
Mobile 07831 14428
Home 01452 830439
October 12th 2020

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