Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners  Constitution 1991 (Revised April 2017)

  1. The Association shall be known as the Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners.
  2. Affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee comprising; a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary Treasurer (The Officers), and five ordinary members. Duties may be delegated as the Committee requires.
  3. A Committee quorum shall comprise five members, two of whom will be Officers.
  4. The Committee, which is empowered to appoint sub committees and co-opt members, shall meet at intervals determined by the needs of the Association.
  5. An appropriate bank account shall be held in the name of the Association.  Cheques drawn from that account shall be signed by two officers.
  6. The annual membership fee, due on the 1st January, shall be determined by the Committee.  Concessions may apply to full time students, and others, as determined by the Committee.
  7. Membership shall be terminated by the non-payment of the annual subscription by 27th February.
  8. Members shall have the opportunity to join in the activities of the Association, attend the AGM, vote  on constitutional matters and serve as Officers or Committee members subject to compliance of the rules.
  9. The Committee will organise regular monthly meetings, which Members are entitled to attend.  Guests will be charged a fee.  Seminars, workshops and other special events may attract additional fees.
  10. Members may not use the name of the Association for personal or trade promotions unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Committee.
  11. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as practical after the 31st. March the Association’s financial year end.  Notice of the date, time and place of the meeting will be made known to all members.  An AGM quorum shall not be less than 10% of the membership.
  12. Minutes of the previous AGM shall be displayed at the monthly meeting prior to the AGM.  Copies will be made available to members on request.
  13. Business to be transacted at the AGM will include :
    • Receive and adopt the minutes of the last AGM and deal with “matters arising”.
    • Receive and adopt the Chair report.
    • Receive and adopt the Treasurer’s Report and Audited Statement of Accounts.
    • Elect Officers and Committee Members for the coming year.
    • Conduct any further business in accordance with the rules.
  14. Nominations for Officers and Committee Members shall be notified to the Secretary, in writing, prior to the commencement of the AGM and shall include a Proposer and Seconder, both of whom shall be fully paid up members of the Association.
  15. Motions for the AGM shall be notified to the Secretary, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the AGM.
  16. The Chair shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting, when required, by written notice, from not less than 10 members of the Association. The date, time and place of the Extraordinary General Meeting will be circulated to all members.


Signed………………………………………………….(Chairman); Dated…………………………………