Turn ‘n’ Win

Pagoda Box Collage

From 2015 GAW is hosting Turn ‘n’ Win challenge.

Each month we will set a subject in which we would like all members to bring along a turned item relating to that subject. The item can be one made especially for the Turn ‘n’ Win or one you had turned previously. This is not a competition for the best turned item so we would like all members from novice to experienced to have a go.

Each month every member who brings along an item will be entered into a draw for a bottle of wine.  You can bring as many items as you like but you will only be entered into the draw once. At the end of the year the member who brought the most items during the year will win a £50 voucher, if there are joint winners then they will be entered into a draw.

Check homepage for the subjects for the next months.

2015/2016 year winner is:

Graham Parker