Rules / Guidelines

GAW Guidelines Concerning Private Sales To Other Members

Wood sales and the GAW shop which sells sundry items including abrasives and finishes are available at Club meetings for the convenience of members. GAW generates some income from these activities which in turn benefits members by keeping subscription rates low.

In principle GAW are happy to encourage those members who wish to offer their own woodturning items such as tools and jigs for sale to other members under the following arrangements.

Items should not compete with existing shop and wood sales.

A notice advertising the item can be posted on the GAW notice board at any Club meeting subject to space being available and/or on the GAW website.

For sale and wanted ads will be removed from the website after 3 months, unless we will be notified to keep it for next 3 months.

GAW can take no responsibility for any of the items which may be offered for sale or purchased by members and members do so at their own risk.

We also offer, in the Events calendar, specific months when items may be brought in and displayed at Club meetings and a table will be provided for this purpose.

There will no obligation to pay a commission to GAW for any such private sale but any voluntary donation will, of course, be gratefully received.