Offers of Wood


If you have any wood that you think may be of interest to GAW members then please contact us.

If you can give us as much information as possible it will help us to access its suitability.

Whole tree’s are really unsuitable, its managing this type of wood and storing it. Quite often wood of this nature takes years to dry out (to be seasoned) but on occasions turning green (fresh) wood can be refreshing to put it one way.

Information such as

      • Location
      • How old is it, is it seasoned or fresh cut.
      • The species if known
      • Size of the pieces(approx.)
      • Condition (are many cracks and splits evident)
      • Is the timber offered free
      • Do you mind if several GAW members contact you and can we pass on your details (please note you details will not be circulated outside of the club)

PLEASE NOTE! ” that we are unable to accept newly felled tress but can forward details to another interested party”.

Our contact email address for ‘Offers of Wood’ is –

We would like to thank you for considering our club.